Partial Solar Eclipse
04 January 2011



       New year started with a great view of a Partial Solar Eclipse from all around Eastern Europe and parts of Africa and Asia. Our team was there to record the eclipse in many ways. The clouds were our major enemy, been there for almost all the time but, with small gaps to let us take some really nice pictures.
       Also we were happy enough to have many of our friends here helping us do our experiments and take great images. This eclipse makes us remember the last two Total Solar Eclipse expeditions at Hangzhou (China near Sanghai) in 2009 and at Mangaia (Cook Islands) at 2010 summer, cause the clouds almost destroyed everyhing.
        Fortunately the thin clouds enabled us to take pictures of the Lunar Limb with really high resolution so to make an accurate "profile".
Present in the expedition were our members :
  • Avgouli Orsoula
  • Strikis Iakovos Marios
  • Kouloumvakos Athanasios
Also present here helping us with our experiments and measurements were :
  • Kardasis Manos
  • Moussas Xenophon
  • Preka Panagiota
  • Maravelias Grigoris
  • Sigala Evangelia
  • Nifadopoulou Maria
Partial Solar Eclipse image taken from J.D.Strikis "Elizabeth Observatory of Athens" "H.EL.I.O.S." Team.
Canon EOS 5D mrk II and 200mm f/2.8 with 2x Teleconverter
Many thanks to Chasiotis Elias and Stouraitis Dimotrios for leting us use their DMK Cameras ....
We all hope to see you in Australia in the next Totality.