Totality experiments.

White Light imaging of the Solar Corona.
  • We do white light imaging of the Solar Corona with a variety of telescopes and telephoto lens and then we process the images in a way to improve the quality in order to visualize as much as possible Coronal Structure we can. Konstantinos Emmanouilides is the coordinator for those experiments.

Solar Corona Spectroscopy.

  • A few seconds befour totality and a few seconds after, we take images of the solar "Flash Spectrum" in order to study some of the low and high altitude parts of the chromosphere in a spectroscopic way. This is done using a medium resolution spectroscope.
  • During the totality, we image the solar corona in Redand Green forbiden lines of ionized iron with a high resolution spectroscope in order to determine the Solar Corona Temperature in different altitudes.

Solar Corona imaging in Near Ir and Near UV.
  • During the totality we use an astronomical CCDmonochrome camera with telephoto lens and filters centered at 807, 1000 and 350nm in order to study the Solar Corona structure in the Near IR and Near UV.

Partial Solar Eclipses experiments.

In the Partial Solar Eclipses, we take high speed video recordings of the contacts of the Sun and Moon in the Ha' , CaK and green 530nm lines in order to calculate with the best possible accuracy the size of the Photosphere and Cromosphere. In order to do that we take videos of 60.fps with inserted time of (0.001 sec) accuracy.

Note: As always we are open to new observing programms and we appresiate any usefull coment about our experiments. Please feel free to contact us through the this Contact Form