2008 Tolal Solar Eclipse
Russia / Novosibirsk

Totality Report.
  White Light imaging.

White light imaging was done by Chasiotis Elias using a Canon DSLR and a small Refractor telescope (D70mm F/900mm). During the totality, 67 images were taken that were prosseced in an HDR software in order to visualize as much possible detail of the Solar Corona.
Sky conditions were better than 2006 eclipse so this gave us the opportunity to see stars inside the Solar Corona.
White light imaging was done also by Constantinos Emmanouilides a few kilometers away from that spot. Images of Constantinos were prosseced by Miloslav Druckmiller and his team with stunning results.

Also Iakovos Strikis did some imaging from Greece in white light of the Partial Solar Eclipse that was
only 0.6% of the Solar Disk. His images were taken from the city of Florina in
North-West Greece.